Fences Colors and Style Requirements

  • All requests for fences must be submitted to the ACC for approval and have 4 sides.
  • Wood fences are required with the exception that “picket fences” will NOT be approved.
  • No vinyl fences will be permitted.
  • Chain link and barbed wire fences are excluded by covenant, approved wood fences must have 4 sides.
  • The following additional guidelines apply to fences.
    • Fences to be installed on the homeowner’s property lines. In no case will alleys be permitted between two fences. ¬†Homeowners must connect to each other’s respective fences, this is mandatory. Fences must attach to the back corner of the homes trim.
    • Fences are NOT permitted to be constructed in front yards, sides nor encroach past the back corner of the home.
    • The homeowner is responsible for replacing old fences that exceed 10 years or missing sections.

Over time, although fences are generally constructed from treated wood, they will age and show signs of deterioration from the weather, The following considerations should be applied to fences:

  • When approval from the ACC is given to erect a fence, approval is always issued with the understanding that a homeowner will replace their fence after 10 years.
  • ACC approval is required to change the color of the fence through the process of staining or sealing or fence replacement

Approved Colors

The following list of fence stains may be used, It is mandatory to stain the fence to prevent mold and discoloration

3508 Covered Bridge

3007 Lodge Brown

Approved Styles

Style B

Style C

Style E